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Villa Plots in Bangalore

Villa Plots in Bangalore

Consequent to the classification of affordable housing under infrastructure by the Central Government has buoyed the demand for this category of housing. Moderate amenities and low-budget payment options have combined to cause a sudden and unanticipated storm in the real estate market, which has been stormed by demand for affordable housing outshining that of other categories.

To top it all, a slew of home loan incentivizing schemes were announced by the Centre. Additionally, mutual funds’ entry to invest in housing finance companies coupled with lower risk weights assigned to low-budget housing loans have catalyzed to whip up the demand in the affordable segment.

As a result of the above-said changes in the formative context of financing budgeted property purchase, smaller players have chipped in with their resources to meet the rising home loan demand. Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) have increased in numbers from 55 to 70 in fiscal 2016. 80 More applications are pending with the National Housing Bank (NHB). Most of these applicants are positioning themselves for the affordable housing loan segment, which is the most preferred housing segment.

The top four HFCs which hold 79% of the market share saw a drop in bps by around 500 in March 2017. Mid-sized HFCs saw a surge in their bps. Smaller HFCs were able to hold on to their share.